A child of Santa Muerte.
"“A beautiful and respectful look at the history and cultures of Santa Muerte, the beloved Hermana de Luz. Tony Kail has produced a riveting exploration of the healing, worship, love and the inevitable dark side that follows all religious and spiritual traditions. If you have any interest in life, death and the protective spirit that truly does hear our prayers, you must read this book.”

Kristin Madden, author of  Shamanic Guide to Death and Dying and  The Book of Shamanic Healing and  Magick, Mystery and Medicine

"Kudos to Tony Kail!  Santa Muerte is a well-researched and fascinating foray into the worship of  this multi-faceted entity who seems to hold something for everyone.   But is she a saint?  A demon?  Or simply the angel of death?  Only you can decide!"
Dorothy Morrison, author of Everyday Magic, The Craft and Utterly Wicked   

" This is a subject and aspect of Mexico’s drug war that we don’t read enough about. Most observers, analysts, and writers of the brutal violence see only greed and brutality when they look at the perpetrators. This book adds a whole new dimension to the examination of criminality in Mexico, as well as a huge subculture that relies on Santa Muerte for so much more than protection from the police—and death itself.

Kail’s book is a must-read for law enforcement, students, analysts, and essentially anyone who seeks to understand the drug war in Mexico at a deeper level"

Sylvia Longmire, Border Violence Analysis

"Overall, this is a strong and well-balanced work on a fascinating and emerging phenomenon on the modern religious scene.

Dan Harms, author of Cthulu Mythos Encyclopedia